The Proposed Solution

Reputable unleashes the quantified self movement by inviting people to discover, select and benefit from a myriad of wellness protocols, improving their health while allowing them to take ownership and monetize their health data coming from wearables, lab tests, genomics and protocol results.

Our mission is to make biohacking evidence-based, accessible, effective and affordable, empowering anyone looking to optimize their health to share their personal health experiments and anonymized results data in exchange for governance power in our DAO. We believe that a surge in personal health data availability, linked to N-of-1 trials and protocol effectiveness datasets can elucidate research, policy design, and decision making across governmental bodies, health insurers and health innovators, ultimately accelerating the adoption of effective health protocols, boosting population health and longevity.

Incentive mechanisms, at Reputable, are designed to seek Truth. To support Truth-Seeking, we have launched REPT, an ERC-20 token, living on the Polygon chain. Contract address: 0xbe5825728410c8C36036D0d22EAcd24c19616F2C

Ownership of REPT allows the holder to participate in the democratic governance of Reputable, directing its key decisions (in Snapshot) and monetizing its data repositories.

Reputable believes the aggregation of real world N of 1 trials and datasets, can supplement or even improve on the current gold standard of double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials. We shouldn't have to wait decades for something to be studied and approved. We can learn from each others pioneering experiments and transform our lives today.

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