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Create an experiment

As biohackers, we're always conducting personal experiments to improve our health. With Reputable, you now have a place to share your experiment and get support from the community of other DIY'ers. Click on 'New Experiment' to create one from scratch.
You will fill out the following fields:
  • Experiment title
  • Current state (defaults to Design): Design, Active, Results Pending, Closed
  • Wallet address of experiment creator
  • Experiment overview
  • Experiment hypothesis
  • Experiment details (how it will be conducted)
  • Start date of experiment
  • End date of experiment
  • Experiment tags (tag your experiment to make it more discoverable to other members)
  • Health marker value(s) before experiment (e.g. resting heart rate, weight etc).
  • Picture evidence of health markers before experiment (lab tests, wearable data, etc)
  • Health marker value(s) after experiment
  • Picture evidence of health markers after experiment