Liquidity Bootstapping

For its initial genesis, Reputable will deploy a Balancer LBP to enable interested participants to contribute funds to its treasury and join the DAO.

Reputable will allocate a small amount of REPT into a Balancer LBP with the goal to raise sufficient funds to finance the first 3 phases of our Roadmap

Our LBPs use a fair launch offering using something similar to a Dutch Auction process. This is a fairer auction system that creates a balanced playing field for investors. During a dutch auction, the price of a token starts at the highest asking price and then lowers over time. This gives everyone the opportunity to buy in at the price they feel a token is worth. This is also known as the descending price auction or a uniform price auction. Reputable uses this form of auction to ensure a fair sale of tokens and that whales do not unduly affect the price of a token in a raise.

After a fixed period, the LBP resolves, forwarding its acquired liquidity to Reputable and kick-starting its operation. Should the LBP fail to reach a specific threshold participants may withdraw their stakes.

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