Reward Mechanics

The following rewards are proposed to increase member engagement and retention:

  1. Members earn X REPT tokens when they first sign in with their Metamask wallet address. X will be determined by community governance.

  2. Members can tip REPT to any other member in the community.

    1. You can be tipped REPT for creating an interesting experiment

    2. You can be tipped REPT for helping/supporting the experiment creator (in the comments section)

    3. You can be tipped REPT for completing an experiment and sharing your results.

  3. Reputable will use quadratic funding to match member tips and amplify them by up to 100x. Please see to understand how quadratic funding works.

  4. Experiment creators are rewarded X REPT every time their experiment is duplicated and completed. This incentivizes early adoption and supports the creation of new experiments in the ecosystem as an experiment that is duplicated repeatedly can become an earning stream for its creator.

  5. Experiment creators can share their data into Reputable’s machine learning model. REPT earned for sharing data, will be equal to the quadratic funding match * X, where X is a value determined by community governance on the fair market value of data shared by the community.

  6. Members in a common experiment can vote to list their aggregated data as a data package on the Ocean Marketplace.

  7. Earning values can be changed at any time based on community governance.

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